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In addition to our business services, we develop and operate our own platforms and market sector specialists. We reject the status quo and seek out unconventional paths.

eSPREAM – The world’s first Esports multi-title talent identification platform.

eSPREAM offers professional teams and University Esports programs access to a comprehensive database of emerging gaming talent. Gamers on the platform can monetize their skill set by selling coaching services, profile page advertising inventory and by winning challenge events.

Aspiring professionals can find the best coaches and make a name for themselves by putting their skills to the test and challenging their idols through ‘Beat the Pro.’ eSPREAM is the digital engine creating new revenue streams and opportunities for multiple stakeholders in the Esports community.

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Fanpictor – Digital fan engagement and sponsor activation for sports properties, right's holders and sponsors.

Generational differences in viewing and content consumption habits as well as increased competition from the fast growing Esports market are driving fundamental change in the sports sponsorship market.

Fanpictor offers its clients a wealth of international experience and digital expertise helping them increase sponsorship revenue, find new corporate partners and provides long-term digital advertising opportunities. The demands of sponsors are changing and we help our clients evaluate and quantify the ROI of their digital initiatives.

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